Organosilicon fluid АМСР-3
(TS 20.16.57-188-02209013-2017)


     Organosilicon fluid АМСР-3 is intended for processing of covers of proofing boards and transport tapes in the baking industry; at oil production: for modification of drilling fluids, for reduction of receipt of water in a drilling solution, for increase of oil recovery of layers.

      Organosilicon liquid AMSR-3 is an aqueous solution of sodium aluminomethylsilicate. 


Technical characteristics:

Parameter Standard
1 Appearance Transparent from colorless to yellow fluid. Opalescence is allowed.
2 Alkalinity (in terms of NaOH), % 6 - 10
3 Silicon content, % 6 - 8
4 Aluminum content, % 1,7 - 3,1
5 Atomic ratio of silicon to aluminum 2,5 - 3,5
6 * Water resistance in mm of water column, not less than 130

∗Note: periodically – one time per quarter.

Packaging: Fluid АМСР-3 is packed in iron barrels with a capacity of 100-200 dm³ according to the Industrial standard 6247 and in steel barrels according to the Industrial standard 13950.

Storage: in dry warehouse at a temperature not lower than 0°С.

Warranty period: 6 months from the manufacture date.