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Training of highly qualified specialists

Highly qualified personnel is trained through postgraduate education (full-time attendance and distance education) graduands and major chair “Chemistry and Technology of Organoelement Compounds” («ChTEOS») in M.V. Lomonosov’s MITKhT, as well as among graduates of other higher educational institution employed in Russian enterprises.

The degrees of Candidates and Doctors of Science are awarded by two specialist fields that cover actually the whole range of research conducted in SSC RF GNIIChTEOS. Doctoral dissertation council in field 02.00.08 – chemistry of organoelement compounds and 05.17.01 – technology of inorganic matter is on the stage of re-approval
Since 2007 number of graduate students doubled. SSC RF GNIIChTEOS is authorized on educational activities in the system of postgraduate professional education (license №268851 registration number 9212 of July 27 2007)
When selecting candidates to full – time attendance the Scientific Council of the Institute follows the criteria of applicant performance and recommendations of Academic Councils of University.
When selecting candidates to extra-mural postgraduate studentship – by releasing organization references.

The Institute covers expenditures on education of full-time and extra-mural postgraduate students, applicants (teaching and accepting exams), as well as travel cost on business trips to conferences and seminars.
Information by phone 495-673-44-82, academic secretary Galina Sakharovskaya.