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Creation history

The Stare Scientific Center of the Russian Federation “State Research Institute for Chemistry and Technology of Organoelement Compounds” (SSC RF GNIIChTEOS) of the RF Ministry for Industry and Trade was established in 1945.
GNIIChTEOS is the development of fundamental and applied research in chemistry, technology and application of tailor-made organoelement materials.
Performance of organoelement compounds: serviceability within the temperature range of –100 to +600 0C, weather- and water-resistance, durability, high dielectric properties, physiological inertness and biologic activity, radiation resistance, makes them indispensable in space engineering, aviation, mechanical engineering, electronics, electrical and radio engineering, communication facilities, oil and gas production, construction engineering, medicine, agriculture, household chemistry.
21.12.1945 - USSR Government Decree about Institute establishing. Academicians A.N. Nesmeyanov, K.A. Andrianov, G.A. Razuvaev, K.A. Kocheshkov, O.S. Medvedev, I.V. Petryanov-Sokolov, A.D. Petrov participated in Institute formation.
On the ground of Institute developments the following production facilities were set up:
1949-1951 – manufacturing of motor fuel antiknock agents based on tetraethyl lead (ethyl fluid) at the plants in a town of Dzerzhinsk in Nizhny Novgorod region and a town of Usol’e Sibirskoe
1951 – pilot plant start-up and commencement of works on organosilicon projects
1951-1957 – manufacturing of metal carbonyls and materials on their basis at “Sintez” Production Association and at a pilot plant of a town of Redkino.
1952-1965 гг. – hydrogen peroxide production by anthraquinone method на at “Sintez” P. A. in a town of Dzerzhinsk. The license was sold to Sweden, Turkey, Poland and Czechoslovakia

1952-1955 гг. – commencement of works in the area of organoaluminum and organotin compounds, design office of the institute was established.

1962-1975 – organoaluminum compounds production for olefinic polymerization catalysts and higher alcohols synthesis at 12 chemical and petrochemical plants in Russia and CIS. The licenses were sold to Bulgaria, Hungary etc.
1965-1968 гг. – organotin compounds manufacturing at the pilot plant of Redkino for sealants curing catalysts, polyurethane, PVC stabilizers, , antiseptic agents

1960 г. – a variety (more than 30) organoboron compounds production at GNIIChTEOS pilot plant in Dzerzhinsk. Part of products is supplied abroad to the USA, Czechoslovakia, Germany, Sweden etc.